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Edwards County

County Club Day

4-H County Club Day is usually in February at the Kinsley High School. Entry forms are due to the Extension Office no later than February 1st.

To enter, click on the forms below:

The following 4-H Club Day Rules were established by our regional group, which consists of Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Harper, Kingman, and Kiowa counties. The guidelines will give you a clearer understanding of what each event is, how long it needs to be, and includes the score sheet that the judge will use to evaluate your presentation.

4-H Club Day GUIDELINES (applies to both County & Regional Events, updated 1/1/2013)

If you are unable to participate in County 4-H Day or the Fair Presentation Contest, you may give your presentation to another civic group upon approval of the County Extension Agents.  Contact the Extension Office for details.

 4-H Presentation Forms  (Other than County 4-H Club Day or County Fair Presentation Contest)

Publications to help you prepare:

Edwards County Club Day Information


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What is a 4-H Illustrated Talk?

What is 4-H Public Speaking?

Preparing Visual Aids

Demonstration or Illustrated Talk Outline Planning Form

4-H Project Talk Outline



Regional 4-H Day will be held  in March. If you receive a Top Blue award at the Edwards County 4-H Club Day, you are eligible to compete at the Regional event. If you are unable to participate at Regional 4-H Day, please let us know by March 1 so we can contact the alternate top blue recipients.