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Edwards County

4-H Project Resourcesdog

With the help of your parents, 4-H club, project leaders and agents, you will learn skills to last a lifetime! It is very important to sit down as a family to select 4-H projects for the upcoming year. 4-H is a family affair, so time required, costs involved, parental help, etc. should all be carefully considered when selecting projects.

Not sure of what 4-H projects to enroll in? Explanations of each project are include in the guide below. 1st year members are encouraged to select no more than 2 to 3 projects. All other members, regardless of age and years of membership, are encouraged to enroll in no more than 4 projects. Remember that a 4-H project is designed to encompass the entire 4-H year (Oct. 1- Sept. 30), including project meetings, special workshops/contests, individual time, fair exhibits, record books, etc.

4-H Project Selection Guide (pdf)

Setting 4-H Project Goals