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Edwards County

Safe Dates

Safe Dates is a curriculum addressing dating violence and talking to children about today's technology and the difference between a healthy/non-healthy relationship.  Trish Hines will be going to Kinsley Jr.-Sr. High School in February and March with this curriculum.  Safe Dates will start with keynote speakers Curt and Cristie Brunghardt who are FHSU professors and run a non-profit organization, "Jana's Campaign" against domestic violence.


Book in a Bag

Trisha Hines teaches monthly Book-In-a-Bag lessons in Kinsley-Offerle and Lewis pre-school and kindergarten classes.  These lessons encourage an interest in healthy living and reading within the family.  Children learn about nutrition by  having age-appropriate books with food-related themes read to them, then participating in hands-on food preparation.


Freezer Ready Slow Cooker Meals

Freezer-Ready Slow Cooker Meals I

Freezer-Ready Slow Cooker Meals II

Freezer-Ready Slow Cooker Meals III


Walk Kansas

walk ks

Walk Kansas will be starting in March.

Walk Kansas Participation Guide

Walk Kansas Activity Guide

Walk Kansas Captains Guide


Trisha Hines

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent

212 East 6th St

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